Belief and Action

Here is the thing,I always thought to define who I am first,when I get that sorted out up here,then I can begin to outline my beliefs or what I should believe in. Either way it is a pointless exercise when we are not willing to live and act on our beliefs for that is the icing on the cake (could use some cake right now tho *rolls eyes *smiles). To belief is for essence,to act is to live! Hope you guys don’t mind me going straight to the point (*winks) I write….

In the face of defeat
i still couldn’t retreat
not that I was stubborn
just didn’t think it was over
decided to start from the end
The moment of truth came
thought it might sting a bit
wouldn’t hold back anyway
this is not from a place of wickedness
i simply believe “truth be told”
Unto a path of solitude
when all can’t perceive
with me things I foresee
i assuredly will still share
not that I have to,am only obliged to
that is just based on belief
In anticipation faith applies
our dreams with hope flies
it seems we are unstoppable
only because we believe
and so we mount the bricks
We come to lift a finger
only when there is a conviction
that all will be well
then we match on
Belief will always precede
actions we carry out,indeed
We unknowingly act based
on inner appraisal of imminent
then we engage in executing
I shall not be summoned
to carry out a bustle
on a subject matter I do not believe in
it would be a debatable sin
Here is the time to do this
“Follow your belief through with action”!
do not believe so much and do nothing
You are your belief and acts

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A couple of scenarios could have ended up in a different way, and we will have a better story to tell,unfortunately this is not so,i write in meditation,hoping for a good ending,and weighing the consequences of how it ends….i write….

I sigh in reflection
Thinking of what could have been
What if he had pulled the trigger
What if they listened more often
What if he didn’t make her cry
What if i wasn’t in and she got raped
What if he had it all covered
and he wouldn’t have to worry
What if i checked in often
maybe i could have stopped it
What if there was no word as “disease”
What if the world is not so sick
and men so insane
What if we were not adamantly indifferent
in times of dangerous certainty
What if there was hope from
hurricanes destroying topographies
DNA’s passing on diseases to innocent infants
mothers burying there own children
masses suffering frm a greedy politician
A system that lacks purpose
If we decide to make
what could have been to be
we will be toying with nature
and infact destiny as well
The question is this
what could it lead to?
good or bad?

A poem by Ogunnika abiodun S.

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Pay Day

‚Äč   Hello everyone, nice to be here again, didn’t realize how much I missed doing this until I actually started typing this words.  Gosh I missed doing this.  (*shinesteeth*)
Have been out of here for both avoidable and unavoidable reasons, mostly because have been too lazy to write which is no excuse. And for some days now have been hoping I can break the jinx,having said that am excited I get to do this again (“the little victories” lol). 
Today am going to be writing on my perusal on what my concept of pay day is, as you read the poem below it becomes evident that a pay day doesn’t necessarily mean the day you get paid ( i. e salary or other remunerations).
 A pay day might as well be the day something you have often worked on in the past finally pays of or the day your father tells you he is proud of you or your crush placed a warm smile in your direction (although it my hurt if you later discovered he/she was smiling at something else lol *wicked grin*). Nevertheless a pay day is that they you achieve expected/unexpected outcome for actions taken with intent be it emotionally,materially and socially.
With an open mind I write….   


        “”” Pay Day? “””

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! 

About to crash into the unknown.

Erupts in burning flames as I am 

unable to actuate my pay day.

Is it the day all my sorrow is 

converted into lasting joy. And I do 

not have to worry that my 

woe makes others unhappy?

Or is it that day,that they finally

see thy rebuke not as hatred,but 

as a debt you have to pay from 

a place of love currently mistaken. 

Is it the day the tilling of soul

and the grooming of hearts 

produces fruits that are so ripe

they bring forth even more fruits?

Is it the day my kids no longer 

beseech friends before they get 

pencils,and my wife beseech

friends before she gets utensils? 

Kindly educate my novice.

Pay day,is it that day when spending

is postpaid or is it the day spending 

is prepaid,which will pay?

Unqualified to beat my chest of the 

vast comprehension of what it takes 

to get paid,though I will rather say

“To get paid you might get pained”.

Not to confuse neither me nor you,

but is that pay day supposed to 

be a day we get played by a short 

pay,is this what you call pay day? 

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Holy Adrenaline

Hello everyone,hope you are having a wonderful week. Please remember you are in charge and so make your own happiness.

I am particularly excited about today’s post. Maybe because this time I will be writing about an experience in God. Have got such joy in my heart people (*shinesteeth*).

So there was a camp meeting at the City Harvest Church last month,which am grateful i was a part of. Guys,it was such an experience. Never seen God move so freely and with such power like that before. Can’t even begin to find accurate words to describe “the experience”. It was Wow!

Felt like heaven people,really did feel like heaven.

During one of the sessions,after a ministration about Outpouring of the spirit by Pastor Peace Toluwade,i heard God say this words “A Holy Adrenaline”. After a series of meditations and prayers have decided to share what God was saying through the best way i often express myself (poetry),but make no mistake,this is God’s expression (Halleluyah).

People,i am beginning to feel like we have been endowed with heavenly gifts,enabling us to indeed do exploits,ideas will come knocking and this generation can begin to set the pace,for we have in christ divine intelligence backed with a Holy Adrenaline,glory to God!

May this words give you peace,knowledge,power,courage and hope even in this times,amen!

I write….

“”” Holy Adrenaline “””
From my wind pipe flows
words of renewed gusto.
My being unseen jubilates
in sure reassurance of triumph.

In the presence of thy majesty
oh Lord,comes words of a dynasty
saying to my person;
“Drink from my fountain of grace,
that you may not lack courage.
That your strength is increased,
with power to raise the deceased”.

Thy oxygen oh Lord is mixed
with a glorious sense of liberty
to do and to undo,
to cast and to bind,
to seek and to find.

Again he says unto me;
“Into you I pump Holy Adrenaline,
rushing through your veins
with burning fire filled with desire
to empower men unto good works”.

“A Holy Adrenaline,moving your
souls into action,giving courage
to each son,for each son is one
and a battalion,we fear no
legion,basking in imminent victory!”

“A Holy Adrenaline,filtering the
weaknesses of men to replace
with a regeneration of spiritual
genes,defining our identity in christ.
That we may fly in insight”.

“A Holy Adrenaline,pushing back
weariness in the body,
into a corner left to be unseen,
Leading to total healing”.

An encouragement from on high,
finished works of the most high,
he placed us in pedestal high,
gave us his Son and his Holy Spirit.

Now we have a Holy Adrenaline!

P.S; this post is dedicated to every member of the City Harvest House Abeokuta,its been amazing and refreshing enjoying God’s presence with you all,God bless and much love.

P.S.S; let’s all match unto victory with a Holy Adrenaline.

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Anita’s Bond

Hello people,good to be here once again. I sincerely hope all is well with you? I know it is! Let’s stay positive shall we? No matter what happens,embrace it,face it and move on (am aware it’s not as easy as it sounds but then what is easy anyway? *smiles*)!

It’s good to know you are reading this this very moment,God bless!


Recently there was a development at work,leading to me having to part ways with friends and colleagues that i worked with for about nine months. I’m talking about absolutely amazing people that were such a delight to work with including my team lead.

Due to bonds shared over the months have had the opportunity to learn how to be a team player which helped my people skills. Having to change my team recently helped me realise that bonds are sacred. They are forged into your soul,occupying a space in your heart that you can’t ignore (as it should be). And so when the team was about to be dismantled i was a bit emotional because it was glaring,i was definitely going to miss them all.

So when Atinuke (my personal bank of ideas *broad smile*) was talking to me about bonds naturally my mind went back to my TEAM 28 guys ISON BPO,Abeokuta.Shout out to you all.

Will summarize the insight i got from my meditations on my bond with this guys in this simple quote;

“Life won’t mean a lot to you until people mean so much to you.” – Okiki

Here is a poem with a point of view on bonds,i write…

“”Anita’s Bond””
Rolled off the blanket
to unwrap gifts kept,
dividends from love shared
and time gainly spent.
Never met a soul so soaked
in bonds fund of,for this ones
she will embrace a tornado,
for this ones she will ride
a dragon too hot to touch.
Kiss a viper full of sting.

Spring time she called Spree time,
spending her heart out.
For years they have shared hugs,
broken into castles,wrestle with
tight jeans together,fought off
mean advances from strangers,
shared boots in rangers.

Now we are set adrift by an
“heart quake” of life’s phase,
phase that makes one part from
a bond groomed and built
in tears and with soul.
Together with them she
thought she will grow old.

Bonds of life were made with
friends of life,renewed
her love for them just by their
smile,a smile to be missed
every day for the rest of days.

This bond is attached to
beings worthy of devotion,
a bond bound by sincerity
and a proximity in closeness
of not just skin but heart.

A bond she prays distance
can’t end in an instance,
like the summer ends,hoping
she won’t be alone in freezing
cold of winter’s hold.
She hopes more fellows will
come along to experience
Anita’s Bond,from there
springs a fountain of life.

P.S; shout out to Team 28,y’all still exist in my heart,love you all!

P.S.S; thanks Tinuke my dependable bank of ideas,you are a saver!

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Conflict of Choice

Good day folks,hope you having a splendid week. I appreciate your reading this and been a part of not just a mental journey here on the blog but for also showing your support by simply opening up links in the first place. Gracias!

I pray and work towards been able to continue delivering contents worthy of your reading.
Here is the thing,am not exactly sure why have chosen this particular poem to be shared today but that doesn’t matter,come along with me on this one,let us reason together.

Many a times you are caught in between options that weren’t suppose to be options in the first place but then they turn out to be “the only” options you have. Other times there are no options at all until you go fishing so to speak,probably because you a not comfortable with the status quo and then deep down you are thinking,”there has to be another way”.

Now,that “other way” doesn’t necessarily have to be labelled “Plan B”. For every option is in itself a potential choice. It can actually be your best option after all. Leading to the best decisions you ever made in your lifetime.

Sometimes,choices are ready-made,like clothing we buy in boutiques while we shop. But it can also be crafted and designed by our own self and state of mind. Now a choice is supposed to be your ticket into making things happen,but then your options doesn’t have to determine who you are but your choices will.

Men are made by choices made,it cannot be over emphasized the paramountcy of choice,yet many take with levity what their choice will make of them until it becomes their undoing,a crippling knockout. So weight your options,choices,actions,steps before you decide.

Choices are good,but they can also cause conflicts if priorities are not set and men do not take a stand (in right standing). However,we must choose. Which brings me to the quote of the day;
“You can only fail at choosing if there was never a choice,but then failing to choose is also a choice” -OKIKI

Think have said enough,I write….

Choice has always been
deeply rooted in the very
soils of life,it is a science.

A gift to humanity that travels
back in time without time. A right
it is,our symbol of freedom.

Brings to surface a huge concern
in the architectural framework
of life; our choices in conflict.

Conflict is like the sound that
bounces out of a drum,a
result of man’s choices.

Persuaded by an admirer
to retire for the day just as
Messiah calls,where is my choice?

All they want is survival,
am pushed so hard,no revival.
Do i live for them or me?

Could tell truth and embrace death
or lie to escape death.
I want to live,but must i die?

Climbing up life’s ladder is hard,
had to step on faces to elevate,
choice wasn’t mine or was it?

It was heat that drove me
into the cold and cold chased
me back to heat,conflict of choice.

End road,now in conflict with
choices past made for i
couldn’t fully comprehend choice.

Yet i chose to choose choice.

P.S;apologies “if” you found this post lengthy,i just had to let it all out Lol. Peace!

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In Between

Hello everyone,i know it’s been awhile i showed my face on this scene,it’s a sin. Sincere apologies. Life has been quite busy this days.However am glad to know you are reading this.

Today i will be getting a bit personal if you guys don’t mind. So about two years ago i met someone that has successfully upset the balance of my life in a positive way. Someone who does not only make me happy but also inspires me in several ways (including poetry).

Now have you ever had that feeling that your life’s story won’t be complete if you had never met a certain someone? That is exactly how have felt for some days now after some meditations in solitude. Feels like something has always been missing until after she came along.

Guys,love is as real as what i feel and know,it is also more. More than i can possibly put in words even if I was given a million attempts. Am only grateful that i opened my heart to love and to be loved. It has done me good and has helped me to value the people in my life even more. All of family,friends,colleagues,superiors,Godly folks and a very special someone (*winks*).

So much has happened for us in the past one year and this post is one of the ways i choose to celebrate us and to also tell all that cares to know that indeed,”Love is a beautiful thing” (*shinesteeth*).

Here is a piece i wrote to her months ago but didn’t know if there would ever be an appropriate time to share,guess now is as good a time as any.

That my words may no longer stand in between you and your reading this piece of poetry,i write….

“” In Between “”
So it’s been a crippling effect
to look to my right only to
see her shadow has left.
A reminder that i must wait
to behold that being mysteriously
able to make me not mind waiting.
Stuck in between now and then.

When she is near i hold her,
when she steps out of reach still
i reach to grasp her fading image
as if in a scene just before “the end”,
all i get is this scent of hers,
smells like rose in morning’s dew.
Now before me,i savour her
leaning into me like a girl
leans into her teddy,covers my
skin with woolly warmth,
love her feel in between my arms.

I’m transported into the galaxies
in my thought of her,she places
me far away above earth,locked
into her heart where her
regenerating love for one makes
one giggle like a kid in paradise.

I’m rightly placed in between
her smile and her laughter,there i
find happiness.
Stuck in between her soulful voice
and firm stance,there i find balance.

Wish the ocean of love
brought us together earlier,
so i could have had her in between
“the beginning” and “forever”.
What a sail ashore it will be,am sure!

I put in a tape of reverie,
as i flashed back in memory
of a time all i’m drawn to is you.
Smiled at a thought that affirmed
to me i’m in awe of you.
Wish there was no “You and I”,
for the “and” in between is a crowd.

P.S; I’m back!


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Track Jake

Hello guys,am so thrilled to get to share today’s post with you,but before i do,i hope your life is taking shape,if it’s not then please track it,take notes if you have to and wisely build up your life.
Yes,today i decided to serve you with a delicacy you will enjoy. Akintomiwa (one of the best story tellers i know,who also happens to be my cousin *winks*) and I decided to combine some brilliant Prose with some brilliant Poetry just for your reading pleasure,we hope you like it.

I had always suspected he would get into trouble, if he didn’t find help. He is now fourteen years old. As a child, he was always angry. He had questioning, bulging eyes. His mother would cuss and lash at him. When he threw tantrums, his drunk father would hit him. He has scars to show for it. We all earned scars for living on Fagunro street. Some of us got lucky, helped by our seniors, we left and never looked back.
As a child, I hid in the shadows of the street. I was the child who spoke in hush tones and kept his head down. I didn’t want to be sucked into the whirlpool of desolation. I never looked back.
“The Law!” My father hailed.
“Papa, you look well” I said. I prostrated. Everything looked the same; the dreariness and gloom thick as ever. I am grateful that I got out.
“I got your message, and came as soon as I could. I hope there’s no problem?”.
“It’s been too long. You have abandoned us”.
My eyes roll to the back of my head. I loathed this conversation. His weak eyes pierced me.
My eyes drop. I couldn’t look into my father’s eyes. He cleared his throat.
“The police have arrested Jake’s parents”.
I sit up.
“He stole at Mr Fafore’s house. He has run away. Mr. Fafore has had his parents arrested until he returns”.
“They won’t be released until they get bail. The community has gathered money, but we cannot afford a lawyer”.
I did imagine Jake Akpan as one of the few who could have gotten out. He had an intensely curious mind. I was quite fond of him till I left. My father says he is into drugs now. It is sad I tell him. I am sad,genuinely sad.
As I drove away, plans formed in my mind on how to help the Akpans; it will have to start with finding Jake.


I write….

“””Track Jake”””
Track jake,to the field where
yellow leaves line up in unison
wonder,he’s a lost kitten,track jake.

Track Jake,as he believes it’s all
his fault that he his not loved.
Poor soul,poor thing,track Jake.

Track Jake,to an abode where
mouths are ever greedily feasting.
Where satisfaction wrestles reason.

Track Jake,for we have yelled,
we have begged,yet he remains
pegged to fantasy,track jake!

Track Jake,you will see the
emptied vault,where all is lost.
Do I need to say it? Find jake!

Track jake,to wildest of carnivals
and the gatherings of cannibals.
A soul sold out to ‘lust’,pray for Jake.

Track Jake,to learn from his doings,
swim above his currents of faults.
Educate thy soul,fill up the hole!

Track Jake,to the place where the
journey ended just before dawn but
do not end there,track You.

P.S;we can analyse and follow other people’s life as much as we want,but do not forget to evaluate your own life too,until next time,bless you!

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Life of the world

Hello everyone,hope you’re good and starting the week on a bright note. No matter what life throws at you this week,take it,utilize it and then fly with it. “May the odds be in your favour” (*shines teeth*).

The way my brain works this days is sometimes a puzzle to me as am not thinking straight. My thought patterns are not in any way close to that of the average mind. And so i begin to think past the usual.

Thought i should share some of the “drama” that goes on in my head with you.LOL.

During one of my “mental episodes” i began to see our world and life as two major characters that exist all day all year for every individual. For everyone has a life and exist in his/her own world. Regardless,this two are like neighbours,they simply live together (it’s the simplest way i can put it). They often work hand in hand to balance this very existence we all share. I call it “the equilibrium”.

However life in itself has his own life and exist in its world,the same goes for the world. With this poem i illustrate,i write…..

“””Life of the world”””
In this chilly morning,
life walks by yawning,
like the world aren’t ready
to start yet another day.
Blame it on the rust.

The world exist within its orbit
to adapt to life’s form,it’s an habit,
the consistency of this i give credit,
the world plays by the rules of life.
Life of the world.

If it’s an imperfect world then
it is an imperfect life, it’s so
similar in synonym mind drifts
towards revelation,am thinking;
Life of the world.

The world sits on its sit,stationary.
Thinking of things called ordinary.
Slipped into sleep in the process.
Awoke unto this stunner,actuality.
Life is a mirror of the world.

World proceeds to beat
its past glory,to tell a brand
new story,even as life will
rather mute the world’s story.
Life of the world.

Life engages world’s elements
to build upon layers of free will.
Structures are piled up,with little
or no pillars to point at,upon
what do our values stand?
Life of the world.

The world shuts its eyes to
what makes it pleasant,in a
manner that evaporates
intentions that are pleasant within
pleasant folks.
Life of the world,fast becoming

Tick Tock! Tick Tock!
Life counts down.
To what end we ask.
To what end will the world end?
If we were to write its obituary,
how shall we say the world lived?
Good or bad?



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Charged Up

Hey everyone,hope all is well with you? Wish you all a fantastic month.

So i asked a very awesome singer/writer friend of mine (Adedoyin) to jump in on this one (like a moving train lol), so we can make sense together. Hence today’s post is a product of the words we have both stringed together.

I will let Doyin do the writing,i will do the poetry and you will do the reading (*winks*). Enjoy!



Every one has a different perspective as to what it is.
Injustice one might say means civil servants giving jobs to their wards which one might add they aren’t even qualified for.

A pastor using a private jet while his church members are suffering.
Telecom service providers making you pay for caller tunes you never subscribed for.
Our senators buying 35 million naira Suvs when the 2016 budget hasn’t even been signed.
The funny thing is,we are very quick at pointing accusing fingers, when we see injustice in others but not ourselves. We are like the man in the mirror.

The whole concept of injustice starts with us in the way we treat people and things around us.
At the very root of injustice is pride and selfishness. If we cannot give up these and learn to love one another then the very word Justice is not conceivable.

Loving one another is the first step towards squashing injustice.If you are tired of injustice, just know the change starts with you.

Soon as in now,is the exact time we need to start getting fired up to do what’s right,acknowledge what’s right and stand for what’s right. It is our right,we can no longer be mute,this is true.


This poem is about how we judge and how we get judged. How other’s actions influences us and gets us “charged up” or fired up. It’s about how we need to pay attention to injustice and make it seize. Spilling out from a charged up point of view,i give you….

“”””Charged Up””””
Fired the spirit killing syndrome
thrown forward from way back
into present enumeration,detached
my heart from its choking hands.
Decided to take over,charged up.

Took from me,all i can call bold.
Left me behind in freezing cold.
Contaminating the very juice
i needed to draw from to push on.
I wail,i yell,i cry,am charged up!

I mask up after yesterday’s swollen
eyes,the lone sleeplessness is ice.
It’s a tug of war to knit thoughts
together,am afraid of the “judges”,
afraid they will charge me up!

Little they knew,about my woes
and ghosts yet they judge
me,they say i work so much body
is by default alert when i ought to
be asleep,they say am charged up!

The crimes of many hunt my heart,
it is no crime of mine,no evil
destroying acts of mine,yet the
little peace i have was taken when
the poor lad was ran over,and no
one was charged up,am fed up!

Tossing and turning in sleepless
wonder,on why one can elude with
treasures belonging to every and
then celebrated in death. Is that not
the peak of moral decadence?
Why was he never charged up?

Before thy very eyes,is a brother
cheating a brother,but as a brother
you refuse to voice out, your mute
may have spared one brother but
it undoubtedly betrayed the other!

The clerk of time is keeping records,
analysing and calculating the rate
by which our hearts have swerved
to a cold path,we are lost.
Here is it’s decree; we are cornered
by a crime against humanity.
We are guilty,we are charged up!

P.S; yes this post was delayed,my sincere apologies. Am sure you liked it,kindly share with all. Bless you!

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Only If They knew

Hello everyone,hope all is well and merry,if not,don’t worry,it’s all gonna be alright (don’t know why I feel strongly someone needs to hear that,maybe it’s even me *smiles*).

Truth is,have lived just long enough to know that all is not as it seems,”the heart of man is desperately wicked,who can know it?”. That scripture of the holy word helped me to cast my mind back to a time i had to speak to the “demons” lurking in the shadows of my heart,so there can be a hush. Had to silent thoughts that were not exactly civil,wishes not in any way warm and hopes genuinely unholy. Sometimes i wasn’t successful.

Guess it was time for me to see that a block of my wall was forged in a fire that burns in hell and i quickly had to remind myself that i am a standard. A standard not in any way perfect,truth is am far from it. Sometimes i feel guilty that my life leads many to believe am indeed some guy with such a good soul (not that am an Adolf Hitler or some kind of monster mind you *straight face*) but believe me this is not and never was my intention. I was just doing me,in case you ever thought i was perfect,kindly correct that error i hope one day i don’t have to answer for. I Have lived a life that has pleased many and probably blessed some lives and i’m still not perfect.

Reflected in meditation over souls that appeared to be angels but where found to be the devil’s cousins. And in that moment i realised how clueless we really are. We know nothing. All we know is based on what we see or think we see but not entirely what really is. Man has prided himself in his knowledge of psychology,so much that the sciences of the mind has been penned down as facts when it should still be a theory (unproven). Why you ask? Because how much of the walls of a man’s heart can you really see into,i mean truly be aware of? I mean,really?

Don’t in any way be mislead by what seems to be,be aware of what truly is,a man’s true state of heart.

Open your soul to see this; man has never been perfect,he probably never will,his nature fights against his will. Still, we must not hate our imperfections,we rather should knit it into fabrics that can make us stronger/refined.

These lines of thoughts,reminded me of a piece i originally wrote for a post on Matey Scott’s blog. Thought i should share it with you guys. This time i do not write,this time i humbly share….

Entangled in a mess
due to the stench oozing out
of my weaknesses, still i put
on my best fragrance,waving at
their adore of me even as i itch
with filth beneath garment,
only if they all knew.

Daily in bed i twist and turn,
my peace fails to return.
I have quoted his holy words
prayed to his holy name,yet i
keep loosing sleep,it just slips
away from me as i reach,
right now i feel not so rich,
peace lacked,money can’t acquire.

What they see is a sage
that has come of age
walking among mere mortals
only if they knew i’m not perfect,
at least not as picture perfect
as i appear,i too weep in despair.

We wrestle against powers,
principality and dark forces,yes!
Yet my fight is more internal,
it’s a fight against sin of scandal
unknown to all that I know,
it’s a fight with my ‘standards’,
a score sheet that has only
recently made me feel like ‘shit’.
It’s a fight to live above regrets
as nothing never seems to satisfy
my goals,this have failed to rectify.
Perhaps ‘success’ I most redefine.

Only if they knew that i
wither away with worry like
a plant without water,i wish to
drink from heaven’s fountain.
I won’t mind if it will rain
on me all of the peace have lost
to the feeling of blemish,
to feeling as though incompetent.

These with every passing time
brings me pain,feeling like have
failed all those that matter
as i submit; nothing else matters.
But the love of my father said “No,
my redeeming blood still matters
enough to sanctify thy sanctuary”.

Only if we all knew our soul
we can renew with the freedom
attached to forgiving ourselves.
Deducing i need to forgive myself,
for “if i don’t,who will?”
then will peace make me still.

P.S; its okay to have imperfections. It is because it’s okay is why I believe you are allowed to forgive yourself of your short comings. Nothing wrong there. Peace!

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In The Dive

Wheeew! Took me quite some time and energy to dust off the dust that has settled in here,feels like doing housekeeping in an abandoned old house. (*covers face*)

Before you start thinking have lost my manners,hello everyone,hope y’all doing great? (*shines teeth*) My sincere apologies for not posting for a while now (*covers face* again!). What can i say,life happened. More like office life happened but it has been quite the experience (more on that another day).

“Charged up” was suppose to come up today but even after a couple of weeks i still can’t get to put it all together (*covers face* yet again!).LOL.

Hope to be more consistent in my posting in weeks to come. So today’s post is all about endearing to go for the things we cherish without holding back.

It’s about looking straight into the eyes of monsters that dare to keep us away from the things we have set out to achieve. And then doing the unthinkable to achieve the impossible. Sounds scary and crazy right? But you see insanity is permitted in some circumstances,it’s the only way you can put fear in a mute. I hope you will be fired up by this post. It’s time to snare your demons and make things happen for yourself regardless.

So yes dive into this piece of poetry with me even as I write….

“”” In The Dive “””
It’s a sea to explore
with sharks patrolling
around in furious watch,
taking on the night’s watch.

They stand to dispirit my
gunning for the gold at core.
I ought to dive into this centre
but it looks more as suicide.

In motion I cut a soleus.
To me they said “there is no use”
“stay ashore,stay alive”
“Diving in,is a death dive”.

In this moment am torn
between what is sane to pursue
and is insane to pursue.
Still,there stands my gold.

Shinning in bright smile is my gold,
in middle of sharks grinning
in carnivorous hunger.
I smile back in determined gusto.

This infact scared me,that I
face death in smile was scary.
But failing to have this gold which
is the goal,was further more eerie.

I laughed at my insanity.
Diving in,my life flashed past me
like a lightening,yet I bet it all
on this one dive,my life’s dive!

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